We Review it - You Win it

Danny, Dave, and guests review and play guitars as well as other music gear, some of which, can be won on our competitions page. In addition, the team will present other features such as how to upgrade your existing gear to get the best possible sound on a budget and much much more...


Recovery through music

We are extremely proud to be associates of Tonic Music for Mental Health - a charity whose mission is “to raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and promote mental wellbeing through music and the arts.” A percentage of ALL our profits will go to support them and their amazing work!
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Winning at Music are an online music platform creating original content for musicians of all levels as well as lovers of live music. The WAM House Band will be presenting a range of short videos from music gear reviews, small live performances and jams with guest musicians and unsigned bands, instructional / educational videos as well as the opportunity to win most of the gear that we review and play and will also be raising funds for a range of music based charities.

meet the team

meet the team

Dave Allen

With 35 years of playing and obsessing over guitars, Dave is a self-confessed guitaroholic. This obsession peaked in the early nineties while reading mountainous piles of Guitarist Magazine and living the dream of playing in a signed band with co-founder Danny.

Dave admits,  ‘these days the old fingers are a bit rusty but I’m really excited to be playing and reviewing guitars as well as getting the soldering iron out for some of our upcoming features turning ok guitars into great guitars on a budget. In particular, though, I’m really looking forward to helping raise awareness of mental health issues and the positive impact that music has to aid recovery as well as helping to raise funds for our chosen charity Tonic Music for Mental Health”

meet the team

Danny Sullivan

In his teenage years Dan Picked up his brother’s guitar and that was it, he was hooked and formed several bands before later playing and touring with Dave before finally quitting music altogether.

Dan says, “looking back, I was never a natural musician but I worked at it, (all my free time), I was obsessed and I loved it, so I can’t believe I gave it all up and hadn’t played guitar in over 20 years!

The recent pandemic gave me space to evaluate what was missing in my world, and one day, I just picked up a guitar again and that was it! - a few phone calls later, me and Dave came up with Winning at Music and it’s great to be playing again especially with other humans!"