LandordFX Happy Hour Compact Looper Pedal


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Winner is: Terri

Ticket number: 12 Answer: Punk Music

Win this Happy Hour Lopper Pedal – Free to Enter!

Product Details

Happy hour is the best time of the day: relive it over and over with endless loops from FX’s Happy Hour. Have fun bringing new creativity to your playing with unlimited overdubs and 10mins’ worth of recording time, all in a simple and convenient design. With Landlord FX, it’s always Happy Hour!

Not sure what this brilliant little pedal does? Check out this excellent video on Youtube:

Competition Details

This competition will complete regardless of entries. The countdown time is set for 10 days, if the tickets are not all taken by this time we will still draw the entry and the winner will receive the prize state above. If the ticket allocation sells out before the timer has elapsed we will carry out the draw, draw time will be confirmed within 24hrs of tickets being sold out.